The kitchen is the heart of any home, and the countertop is the centrepiece of the kitchen. It’s where we prepare food, eat meals, and often socialise with friends and family.

However, the kitchen counter can easily become cluttered and messy if we don’t organise it properly. Knowing what should and should not be on your kitchen counter can help keep your kitchen functional, clean, and visually appealing.

What should be on your kitchen countertop?

essential tools

Essential kitchen tools:

Essential kitchen tools like knives, cutting boards, and mixing bowls should be on your kitchen counter. These tools are used frequently and should be easily accessible. Having them out in the open also adds a nice visual touch to your kitchen.

Cooking oils and seasoning

Cooking oils and seasonings:

Keeping cooking oils, salt, and pepper on the counter makes them easy to access while cooking. They can also add some style to your kitchen. However, it’s important to keep them away from heat sources and direct sunlight to prevent them from spoiling.

Coffee maker and toaster

Coffee maker and toaster:

Many people start their day with a cup of coffee and toast. Keeping your coffee maker and toaster on the counter makes your morning routine more efficient. If you have limited counter space, consider investing in a toaster oven that can serve as a toaster and an oven.

fresh fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables:

Keeping fresh fruits and vegetables on the counter not only adds colour to your kitchen but also encourages healthy snacking. It’s important to choose produce that is in season and will not spoil quickly.

Decorative items:

A few decorative items like a vase of flowers, a decorative bowl, or a small sculpture can add character to your kitchen. However, be mindful of not overdoing it, as too many decorative items can make your kitchen look cluttered.

What should not be on your kitchen countertop?

Rarely Used Appliances

Rarely used appliances:

Appliances like slow cookers, blenders, and stand mixers take up valuable counter space and are often used infrequently. Instead of keeping them on the counter, consider storing them in a pantry or cupboard.

paper clutter

Paper clutter:

Keeping papers like bills, junk mail, or coupons on the counter creates visual clutter and can make your kitchen feel chaotic. Instead, create a designated spot for papers, like a drawer or a bulletin board.

dirty utensils

Dirty dishes:

Leaving dirty dishes on the counter is not only unsightly but can also attract pests and cause unpleasant odours. Make sure to clean dishes and put them away promptly after use.

Non kitchen

Non-kitchen-related items:

Keeping non-kitchen-related items like mail, books, or toys on the counter not only creates clutter but also detracts from the functionality of your kitchen.

Too many decorative items:

While a few decorative items can add character to your kitchen, too many can make it look cluttered and overwhelming. Stick to a few carefully chosen items that complement your kitchen’s style.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, keeping your kitchen countertop organised and functional is essential for a clean and visually appealing kitchen. By knowing what should and should not be on your kitchen countertop, you can create a space that is both practical and stylish.

Remember to keep essential tools, cooking oils and seasonings, fresh fruits and vegetables, coffee makers and toasters, and a few decorative items on the counter while keeping appliances that are rarely used, paper clutter, dirty dishes, non-kitchen related items, and too many decorative items off the countertop. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a clutter-free and functional kitchen.

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