Compact Laminate

Compact laminate is constructed with layers of paper, resin dipped and dried to solidify. The dried layers are then placed between laminated top and bottom sheets, compressed together before being baked in a process known as polymerisation which creates a solid, extra-tough worktop.

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Compact Laminate Installation

Compact laminate worktops give a sleek, modern appearance that is simple to maintain by combining the advantages of durable laminate with an incredibly thin edge.

Compact laminate countertops are ideal for homes that value style since they blend in perfectly with a simple design. The thin horizontal lines enhance the sense of a clean worktop and reduce visual distractions. Families with young children frequently choose this durable, man-made material since it is simple to clean and maintain.

There are several trendy colour options available, ranging from cold neutrals and dark, dramatic tints to warm metallic tones that give a place an artisanal feel. Additionally, a range of sizes may provide a custom fit in any area.

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