Solid wood worktops have become a rage now because of their classy design. Below are some of the reasons to choose a solid wood worktop for your kitchen.

1. Exclusive

All worktops have their own characteristic magnificence and since no two wood pieces are the equivalent, all worktops look one of a kind. This makes a heavenly surface together with incredible character.

2. Trendy

Solid wood worktops look great with practically all kitchen designs and hues. The class of real wood cannot be compared with anything else and there is an increasing pattern for shoppers to utilize warm common hues. Solid wood has its own charm and ensures that a kitchen will consistently be high on style.

3. Antiseptic properties

Wood is a naturally clean for a kitchen worktop because it has sterile properties.

4. Not too expensive

Although wood worktops look extremely classy, they are not as expensive as they look. In reality, this material is of mid-budget and the best part is that different wood materials have different prices, which means there is something for everyone.

5. Durable

These worktops are extremely strong and durable. This material is extremely versatile, it can take a lot of weight, and pressure before it breaks.

6. Absorbs sound

Being less dense and less hard means that wood is quieter than other materials. This material absorbs the sound rather than resonating with it.

7. Improves with age

Wood worktops are a vivid option for a surface, which goes better with age, just like wine. As the colour of wood deepens, it keeps getting a better finish. Unlike other materials, which start looking tired and worn over time, a wooden worktop will keep its character and keep looking great.

8. No flaws

The biggest advantage of a solid wood worktop is that flaws can be polished. Once installed, solid natural wood worktops will need sealing to avert water from sopping into it. Once sealed, it only requires to be done yearly. Just regular oiling and your wooden worktop will keep looking as good as new.

No matter what finish you want to give to your kitchen, a solid wood worktop is always a perfect choice. They give a warm and classy look to your kitchen and are not too expensive. When it comes to features of this material, there are many advantages, like – durability, low maintenance, trendy, etc. Contact Mister Kitchen Worktop Fitter and we will install a solid wood worktop for you.

What we can do for you:

  • Draining grooves
  • Undermounted sinks

  • Radius corners
  • Any shape

Not everyone can deliver the list above, we’re the experts and specialists in fitting kitchen worktops so call us today for any enquiries.

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