The kitchen worktop is one of the most significant segments of the kitchen. It needs to work as a cutting surface, stockpiling region, and enhancing component in the structure of the kitchen. A wide range of materials can be utilized for the worktop and two of the well-known materials are laminate and granite. Both of these materials have their own properties and we have listed the characteristics of these materials, which will help you make a better choice.


Granite worktops come in an almost interminable number of hues and designs. Granite is made of different stones, which are totally different in their appearance. This difference gives granite worktops a different appeal and excellence; however, this can be a disadvantage for an individual who needs a uniform appearance in their kitchen.

Laminate worktops are made of a blend of wood and paper items held along with the paste. Laminate does not come in many colors. A few laminates are intended to seem as though granite with a repeating design.


Rock worktops are manufactured explicitly for your kitchen. After you select a piece, the fabricator will take a layout of your cupboards, then cut the stone to fit. After around fourteen days of templating, the stone will be installed. Granite worktops are extremely heavy, and keeping in mind that most new cupboards can take their weight, more seasoned cupboards should be strengthened prior to installation.

Laminate worktops can be installed easily. They are available in pre-cut lengths and some of them can be installed without any professional help, but for complicated installations, it is better to take the help of the professional. Your laminate worktops can be installed in just one day.

Heat Resistance

Granite is not heat resistant, which means hot pots can be placed directly on your granite worktop. On the other hand, laminates are not heat resistant may burn when exposed to heat.


Both granites as well as laminate worktops are durable enough to endure daily use in the home.

Both laminate and granite have their positive points and negative points. While granite is expensive and requires maintenance, laminate is affordable and hardly requires any maintenance. However, when it comes to appearance and variety of colors, graphite undoubtedly has many more options when compared to laminate.

No matter whether you choose laminate or granite based on their properties and price, we at Mister Kitchen Worktop Fitter are here to install your favorite material for you.

What we can do for you:

  • Draining grooves
  • Undermounted sinks

  • Radius corners
  • Any shape

Not everyone can deliver the list above, we’re the experts and specialists in fitting kitchen worktops so call us today for any enquiries.

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