In case you are seeking to get a new kitchen or are hoping to revive your present kitchen, there are many interesting points to keep in mind with regards to picking a design. There are numerous kitchen styles layouts and designs, appropriate for a range of kitchens; however, you should make sure to choose the one that complements your space.

When it comes to planning your kitchen, below are some kitchen design mistakes that you should avoid –

1. Helpless lighting decisions

Lighting can have a huge effect on how your kitchen feels. In case you get enough natural lighting in your kitchen, it is a good idea to design your kitchen in a way to enhance this factor. If your kitchen does not get much normal lighting, then you must use appropriate artificial lighting to make your kitchen a happy place!

You should never make the mistake of assuming that one kind of lighting works for all, as the fact is important to make sure that your lighting works for your specific space. If the lighting in your kitchen is not sufficient, it will make the space look gloomy.

2. Wrong worktop statures

Although it still is not a usual component, dual height worktops are incredible for both practicality and style. Having worktops installed at various statures can result in dimension, giving a feeling of open space while providing various viable advantages.

A blend of heights is good for characterizing explicit regions of your kitchen. Besides, with the correct structure, they can truly help highlight the state of your kitchen. If you have back problems, overall, it will be good for you to adjust your worktop height.

3. Not measuring appliances

Imagine you have created a perfect kitchen, however, when you get to adjusting the appliance you find out that your microwave, fridge, or other appliance are much bigger than the space you allotted for them. Now, you will have no other option left than to redesign your entire kitchen.

All this stress can be avoided if you measure your appliance in advance!

Kitchen storage mistake

4. Not ample storage 

You can miscalculate how much storage space you need in your kitchen. Therefore, it is important that you consider the size of your utensils, and decide on how you want to keep and where.

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  • Undermounted sinks

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