If you are looking for a tough worktop that can withstand lots of daily use, Dekton is an excellent choice.

Dekton is a worktop manufactured by Cosentino and designed to offer a modern alternative in the high-end worktop market. A Dekton worktop is a premium product that provides a hard-wearing, easy-maintenance surface for kitchens, bathrooms and commercial applications.

We have created this straightforward guide to help answer the question, “what is a Dekton Worktop?”

In this blog, we will explain how Dekton is made and the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

How is a Dekton Worktop Made?

Dekton is an ultra-compact worktop choice. Manufactured by one of the leading global brands, it is made from porcelain, natural quartz and glass.

The worktops are made by blending these natural materials together under high pressure. Once compressed, the surface will be imprinted with decorative patterns and baked at 1200 degrees centigrade.

This fusion process is known as particle sintering (PST) and ensures the final product is exceptionally dense and robust.

The manufacturing process allows for a multitude of colours and designs with three different textured surfaces available.

A more environmentally friendly Dekton worktop called Trilium was launched in 2016 to use waste materials created during production. This product contains around 80% recycled materials and offers an eco-alternative to those where sustainability is key.

Dekton slabs are large, making them an excellent choice for worktops, bar tops, floors and cladding.

Why Choose a Dekton Worktop?

You won’t find a more robust worktop than Dekton. Almost indestructible due to the unique manufacturing process, Dekton is heat resistant, scratch resistant, UV resistant and can even cope with chemicals.

The surface is hard and waterproof, making it perfect for the kitchen, bathrooms, and commercial applications.

It is available in over 60 colours and three different textures, meaning you will easily find a design to suit your needs.

Advantages of a Dekton Worktop

  • Dekton claims to be virtually indestructible, but what does that mean? When comparing Dekton to other premium worktops like quartz and granite, it is helpful to explore the details.
  • One of the most considerable reassurances you can get is that Dekton worktops come with a 25-year guarantee. You might pay a premium price at the outset, but its longevity makes it a worthwhile investment.
  • Its durability is what makes Dekton stand out from other premium materials. The manufacturing process creates a worktop resistant to stains, and its completely non-porous surface protects it from acids and spillages.
  • Unlike other natural worktop materials, you will never need to seal the surface to retain the stain resistance.
  • Its superior heat resistance means you can place hot pans and pots directly on the surface with no risk of scorch marks. No other worktop material can claim to be heatproof, as granite and quartz can suffer from thermal cracking.
  • In fact, the most significant danger with Dekton is that heat will transfer to the surface, and you might burn yourself.
  • UV resistance means you can use it confidently in south-facing or outdoor kitchens without fear of fading colours. Its resistance to heat and cold means it will not crack outdoors, whatever the temperature.
  • Dekton is so hard that it is resistant to scratches from utensils. Indeed, Cosentino suggests you use a chopping board to protect the blades of your knives!
  • You don’t need to worry about using abrasive materials like scourers to remove food residues.
  • Dekton is all about choice. You will find the perfect design with over 60 colours and three different textures. It comes in 4 different thicknesses, and the largest slabs available are 1440mm x 3200mm.

The large sizes mean you can avoid seams and create a sleeker finish.

Does a Dekton Worktop need special care?

Although Dekton is considered one of the most robust and durable worktop materials, it is essential to realise that it is not entirely indestructible.

The hardness of Dekton means it is vulnerable to high impacts. Although Dekton can be repaired, the repairs may still be visible.

The good news is that the colour is applied all the way through a Dekton worktop, meaning that chips are less noticeable. However, the pattern is only applied to the surface, so chips on the design may be more apparent.

Apart from taking care to avoid dropping heavy objects onto the surface, everyday maintenance is easy.

Dekton is highly resistant to stains thanks to its zero porosity. This makes it the ideal kitchen worktop.

The polished surface will remain without the need for additional buffing.

Cleaning could not be easier. You can use a sponge or scourer with water and a PH-neutral cleaning product. Cosentino recommends Q Action to keep your Dekton worktop in mint condition.

Of course, in a busy kitchen, you might miss some spills and notice a stain on the surface which needs a bit more effort to clean. Dekton’s chemical resistance means you can use solvents and acetones to wipe away challenging stains.

Styles of Dekton Worktop

Dekton colours tend to be earthy, metallic, or neutral, although you can choose from around 60 colours.

Patterns range from solid colours to washed or grained effects. Veining is popular in lighter colours to recreate marbling.

The Trilium designs are particularly suited to industrial or rustic styles with matt and mottled finishes.

It is not just colours and patterns that vary. You also get a choice of textures with finishes including matt and glossy. Modern touches such as oxide, slate, leathered, and bush hammered make great contemporary finishes.

Dekton thickness options range from 8mm to 30 mm. Each of the four options will bring a different look to your décor.

Dekton offers a sleek contemporary appeal for a modern kitchen. Its robustness is matched by the wide range of colours and designs that mean you are spoilt for choice.

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