Is your kitchen looking tired or dated but still in good condition? Maybe your kitchen surfaces are marked or stained.

Changing your kitchen worktop can give your kitchen an instant refresh without the hassle and expense of renewing your whole kitchen.

Before deciding to change your worktops, it is a good idea to inspect your cupboards to ensure they are still in good condition and will carry the weight of new work surfaces.

Once you have decided to go ahead, you will need to choose the material for your new worktops. You can choose from solid wood, laminate, compact laminate, quartz and granite.

Each type of worktop will create a different look in your kitchen, so it is worth taking some time to imagine how each style will complement your décor, update your existing kitchen and how it will stand up to daily wear and tear.

Once you have decided, changing the worktop couldn’t be easier. First, you must carry out a simple measure before contacting a reputable worktop supplier and fitter.

This guide will explain how to change your kitchen worktop and describe the steps you will need to go through.

Choosing a New Kitchen Worktop

Choosing the perfect worktop might be the most challenging part of the process as there are so many options on offer. Remember that it is not just about colour or design but also about a product that will work for you and stand up to the wear and tear of a busy kitchen.

The cost will be essential, so decide on your budget before you start looking. Of course, it is not just about keeping your spending low, as you might consider the purchase of quartz or granite as a long-term investment.

Quartz and granite are more expensive options, but they offer heat and stain resistance, luxury designs, and a quality feel. While granite offers a natural appearance, quartz is made from a durable composite and can provide a glossy finish.

Composite laminate is a cost-effective option that comes in an array of styles and is much more durable than traditional laminate. Made with glued layers, you will get a robust and long-lasting worktop that can be chosen to replicate quartz and granite or various styles.

Laminate makes a good budget choice and comes in such a wide choice of styles you are sure to find one that will update your kitchen.

Natural solid wood is a classic choice for the country kitchen look and can make a stunning style statement. It is best to remember that it will need more care than other choices and need regular oiling and protection from heat and liquids.

Measuring For a New Kitchen Worktop

When you are getting a new kitchen, you usually have a plan that can be used to provide measurements for a worktop supplier, but if you are upgrading an existing kitchen, you will need to get out your measuring tape.

Be consistent with your measurements, so stick with cm if possible.

5 Simple Step to Measure For a Kitchen Worktop

  1. First, measure the length of the worktops by measuring along the walls. If you have an island, you need to measure the length of the worktop. The fitter will account for corner joins when cutting the worktop.
  2. Next, you will measure the depth of the worktop going from front to back. Measuring your existing worktop makes this easy. If you have already removed an old worktop, you will need to measure from the wall to the edge of the carcass and add 40mm to account for the overhang.
  3. You need to measure the cutouts for any built-in hobs and sinks, including whether they are under-mounted. You also need to include holes for taps and any plug sockets.
  4. You can choose to have drainage cutouts in quartz or granite, so you will need to measure for them.
  5. If you want upstands, you will need to include measurements for their height. If you also wish to have upstands to or on the windowsill, you should do separate measurements as they are often taller than other upstands.

It is best to draw a plan and insert the measurements as it will make it clearer. Don’t worry about your drawing skills, as you just need a clear representation of the layout with measurements.

Depending on your chosen material, you can also indicate where you want to add curves or rounded corners to enhance your design.

Once you have your measurements, you can get quotes for your chosen worktop style.

Fitting a New Kitchen Worktop

Although it is possible to fit some kinds of kitchen worktops yourself, it is not an easy job. It requires appropriate cutting tools and an understanding of cutting and fitting joints.

It will depend on your choice of worktop if you can fit it yourself. You will usually get a more professional finish if you use a qualified fitter.

One of the vital considerations for a superb finish is the quality of the joints, which involves good cutting and fitting.

Laminate is the easiest worktop to fit, while composite laminate requires specialist tools as the material is much harder to cut. You can find instructions on how to cut composite laminate here.

Quartz and granite need to be cut from a template made by the fitter beforehand. They bring the precut slabs from their workshop to your home to be fitted.

Since you are most likely choosing quartz and granite to give your kitchen a premium finish, it is not worth compromising on the fitting. A specialist will ensure your worktop is fitted perfectly.

Depending on the complexity of your kitchen design, fitting by a professional will take between a few hours and half a day. It is as easy as that!

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