When it comes to worktops and quartz in particular, you certainly have a lot of options available to you. Some of the most popular types of worktops include those made out of some type of stone.

Stone worktops are beautiful and durable, and there are two main types: natural and engineered.

Engineered worktops include those made out of quartz, and they’re becoming more and more popular all the time. If you’re considering getting quartz worktops for your own kitchen, below is some information that may help you make the right decision.

Main Qualities of Quartz Worktops

Many people wonder if worktops made out of quartz are heat- and stain-resistant, which is important because everyone wants a worktop that will accommodate them every time they cook or bake something.

As a general rule, a quartz worktop will not be as resistant to heat as other materials are, such as granite or crushed glass.

For this reason, it isn’t recommended that you place hot pots on a worktop in the kitchen or heated hair-styling tools on worktops in bathrooms.

On the other hand, worktops made out of quartz are usually more stain-resistant than worktops made out of granite or marble.

In fact, when it comes to resisting stains, quartz does a much better job than most other types of worktops.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that no stains will ever occur on your worktops; it just means that it is more difficult to stain them than it is other types of worktops.

Keeping Your Quartz Worktops Looking Good

Maintenance for worktops made out of quartz usually consists of occasional buffing whenever you notice a scratch or other defect.

Less severe scratches usually require only light buffing, and if you’re curious about how severe your scratch is, just run your fingernail along with the scratch and see if it “catches.”

If it does catch, it may require more than just standard buffing to repair the scratch. If it doesn’t catch, a good buffing is likely just what you need.

The way to do this is simple. Just buy some polish that is specifically made for quartz countertops, and make sure you use a microfiber cloth.

Follow the directions to the letter when applying the cleaner and buffing the countertop for the best results.

If the scratch is too deep, you may need to apply a resin or epoxy filler before buffing.

To make sure the countertop looks the way you want it to when you’re done, check with the manufacturer to make sure you buy the right resin or epoxy.

Simply fill in the scratches, then buff the way you normally would if the scratches weren’t that severe.

In the end, you should have a quartz countertop that looks just as good as it did when it was brand new, especially if you do it right.


A good quartz worktop fitter and installer is just as important as a store that has lots of worktops to choose from, so if you do decide to go with quartz, make sure the company you’re working with has the right reputation.

Choosing quartz for your countertops is a good decision because it is durable, low-maintenance, and extremely attractive, making this one decision you won’t regret.

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